Student Services

Our mission is to prepare students to reach their full potential as lifelong learners.


Welcome to the Student Services Department Webpage!

The Student Services Department of DeKalb High School provides student support for academic, personal, career, and college planning needs.

The counselors, social workers, and psychologists provide individual and group counseling for students with a variety of social, emotional and academic needs. Parents and staff members with concerns about their student are welcome to contact a Student Services staff member. If you are unsure who your child's counselor is, please refer to your child's schedule. If you have a general question, please contact our Student Services Secretary, Ms. Rhonda Maney, at 815.754.2122 or

Sara Jennings

Assistant Principal for Student Services


Bonnie Stellatos



FAX: 815.754.2155

Rhonda Maney

Student Services Secretary


FAX: 815.754.4563

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Mrs. Theresa Branning (formerly Oostmeyer)-

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